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Do you own a business with a large parking area? First impressions count, and many commercial property owners fail to remember this basic fact when it comes to the parking lot.

However, the parking lot, while not perhaps the most integral part of the business is typically the thing that prospective customers or purchasers see first. That is why it is critical to ensure that your parking lot is well looked after and remains in tip-top condition.

The proper servicing and maintenance of your parking lot is an essential part of the property upkeep, and is not something that can be neglected, as a full repair or replacement of a severely deteriorated parking lot could be extremely expensive.

Your Parking Lot Is Our Top Priority

At Treasure Coast, our team of experienced and knowledgeable staff are totally committed to ensuring that your parking lot is maintained in pristine condition. We specialize in seal coating, asphalt sealing, parking lot sealing, painting asphalt and blacktop coatings.

We are firm believers in working in partnership with our clients, which is why we always like to explain the various options to our clients to enable them to make an informed decision.

Asphalt Sealing

Regardless of your location the minute a parking lot is laid, it is under constant attack from the elements. Whether that be the sun’s rays, rain, and wind or even the oxygen in the air, your parking lot is always at the mercy of the elements. Have a look at any abandoned properties parking lot, and you will see the deterioration takes place very rapidly, much quicker than you might imagine. Our top of the range asphalt sealing process provides protection from the elements and helps to slow down the deterioration of your parking lot.


Without going into too much depth, your Asphalt pavement is essentially rock, stone and/or gravel held together by a binding material. Generally speaking, the rock or stone rarely disintegrates, the problems arise when the binding material fails. Once there is nothing to hold the rocks together your asphalt paving quickly crumbles and falls apart. Our sealcoating process works by essentially placing a layer of protection over the binding. This in turn extends the life of your asphalt paving. We only use the best products available, and our local knowledge and expertise ensure that we apply sealcoat that is specially tailored for the conditions in the local area. It is this level of local knowledge that gives us the advantage that national companies simply cannot match.

Parking Lot Sealing

Sealing a large parking lot can be quite a significant job, one that as the client you need to be completed on time, within budget, every time. Our company has not only the necessary skills and equipment to deliver a professional job, first time every time, but we also have the capacity to ensure that we meet deadlines and do not break our promises. Our work is conducted to the highest possible standards, with safety and efficiency always treated as priorities.

Painting Asphalt

When it comes to painting asphalt, there are some important factors to consider, which choosing the most appropriate paint; the volume of traffic, the durability of the paint, whatever color scheme you want to use, and numerous other factors. These are all considerations that our helpful advisors can assist you with. We want you to be delighted with the outcome which is why we invest the time properly before we start the process.

Whatever type of surface you currently have, and whatever kind of blacktop coating you ultimately want to use, Treasure Crest is ideally placed to deliver the perfect finish for your needs. We have been in the business since 2006, and the vast majority of our new business comes by way of personal recommendation. We feel that this is due to our attention to detail, excellent customer service and highly competitive prices. As a locally based company, our reputation is critical to us, which is why we always strive to deliver the best possible job every time.

For more information about the company, or to book a no-obligation quotation, call our friendly and helpful customer service team.